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tonight. -- mitt romney. >> night's debate will be a town hall format. many folks tell us they will tune in for at least a little bit. four years ago as type of debate was the most popular. >> going into the second debate, mitt romney has momentum on his side. a campaign that has raised $170 million, inching closer to the president's 180 million. >> his campaign is about smaller and smaller things and our campaign is about bigger and bigger crowds fighting for future. >> tonight's town hall format could keep both candidates from being overly aggressive. >> some consider it more of a show. >> it is like to looks good on tv. -- who looks good on tv. >> the latest polls show the race nearly deadlocked. this time advisers say the president will be more aggressive. >> he knew when he walked off the stage. he also knew as he watched the tape of the debate that he has to be more energetic. >> who has the advantage? mitt romney has already held 23 town hall events. the president only one. we will see if it makes a difference tonight. >> while you watch the debate tonight, we invite you to share
homes were destroyed when two fires sparked in rockaway. >> there was a boat with us, we in in the boat and got there. firefighters rescued dozens e trapped using that boat. in new jersey family's retract in their flooded homes. >> we're trying to save as many lives as it is possible to save. snow is falling in multiple states. and millions are now without power throughout the region, including all of manhattan, south the 34th street. it could be a week before the area fully recovers. we did learn that the new york may reopennge tomorrow. >> back to you. storm.onger a tropical but the storm is still capable of lots of damage. this on how long we feeling the effects of sandy. feeling it for the the week in terms of flooding. feel pretty comfortable you can venture out and about your business, but to caution.me to be safe as you off and assess the damage for the day. overripe pittsburgh at this time. the wind is really strong across .he great lakes region feeling the wind effects and a continuingof rain last couple of hours here. we have this next map for you, e rainfall total, look at th
. the u.s. unemployment rate has fallen below 8% for the first time in nearly a full your years. >> employers added 114th thousand jobs since september. jobless rate fell to 7.8% last month and wages rose. the department also revised the numbers for july and august saying the economy at its 86,000 more jobs than first estimated. >> the jobs report is a big topic on the campaign trail. republican candidate mitt romney campaigning in battleground virginia. looks like they're getting ready to announce that he will be speaking soon at carter machinery in abingdon. president obama in virginia as well. >> scott thuman joins us from george mason university. seems like a more confident president obama than we saw during the debate scott. we would check back with him in a couple minutes. the president speaking after 11:00 this morning in virginia at george mason in fairfax. we will have a live report. >> a with abc 7, your election station. continuing coverage of the election and the latest information on our website at wjla.com. turning to a story developing in bethesda. montgomery coun
was traveling at a high rate of 1.ed northbound on u.s. the truck driver attempted to into theft turn as the parking lot k the side ofstruc the trailer. people heard a massive explosion. gonna.e people are -- gone. >> the driver of the tractor-trailer is shaken up. >> there's no way a person could stop. >> all the lanes on route 1 were down and now traffic is least one lane. before thehours collision construction unit is done investigating the accident. john gonzalez reported from old -- from elkridge. >> a deadly crash in fairfax county. old named maximilian after losing control of his poll anditting a the vehicle over backlick road in annandale. was not wearing a seatbelt. no one else was injured. >> baltimore police investigating the shooting death an active-duty sailors from virginia. the 24-year-old victim was shot l times. the navy has not release his identity. norfolkn leave from visiting his brother in baltimore. the suspect in the deadly an atlanta area time in thepent psychiatric facility. accused ofr a "kill l killing a volunteer at the megachurch in atlanta. he resigned as
those charges. today they came face to face. susan joins us with more. >> good afternoon. this morning tommy branch. -- appeared here. they are accused of robbing a man, pushing him to the ground, knocking him out and causing extensive brain damage. we heard branch admitted to stealing his cell phone and the keys. it tended to use the credit card after the robbery, trying to get gas. that is caught on video surveillance. in court today, abigail maslin his 30-year-old wife sat quietly, watching closely, her family by her side. he remains hospitalized. and also, he was in a coma for six days. one defendant, michael more raised his right to a preliminary hearing. he will be back in court november 13. these two defense will be back november 8. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, abc 7. >> overnight come in shooting and palmer park has turned deadly. they say they shot a 23-year-old man to death after a 11:00 p.m. last night geared so far they are not saying what sparked the shooting. breaking news from prince george's county, a former school bus driver has been sentenced to 10 years. she is
's injuries are not life-threatening. exactlyon't know what was used as a weapon and they cannot identify the suspect. continue to follow the latest. opening statements begin today for two police officers accused beating the university of maryland student. the two prince george's werey police officers beating johne mckenna. penelope john gonzalez. it is the video shot from a dormitory room that will be crucial. minutes after the jury, made up men and seven women, courtroom, prosecutors played the video over and over again during opening arguments. the two prince george's county with firste charged e assault. degre reginald baker and james harrison. the video clearly shows an abuse power, broken trust, and of the law, say prosecutors. the prosecutors told a jury that old student was officersbeaten by the had handcuffs on several not the doctor until eight hours after he was beaten. he suffered a concussion, a .ajor bruises to his body the defense attorneys are dramatically different picture from that in march of 2010, arguing not a celebration of following the basketball but it was a full-
to be here with police as well. community,from the the resident groups, anybody us resources for .hat happened to my son theore than a month since student was gunned down while walking to class. arrests -- no arrests, but police believe there could be a link. >> there was a robbery nearby that we think could be connected. they are hoping somebody something or has seen .omething suspicious here they also need a robbery victim forward. somebody out here knows something. probably in their state of mind, do not want to come .orward you let him go, there will be another murder. we do not one that. please delete it is essential this type of search spot where the killed and around same time. there is currently a $25,000 anybody with leads to anthat arrest. >> also new this noon, we are hearing from the garden that shooting at the family council in washington. the first time we have d.ard from that guar >> quite a number of people were the mayor's ceremonial room remember and honor a n -- he is still very much alive -- who risked his life for others. leo johnson brought much of his with him t
been scrutinyder a lot of past several weeks after mechanical errors. they just send us a press release not long ago saying that tirelessly tong of top -- number cancellations, but speaking with passengers here and reagan national are seeing these protests at the airport, they their heads, saying want american to do something about this. you can imagine, as consumer frustration continues to grow, american could be forced to do this ahead oft the holidays. >> thank you. up, you can call it a on the circle of life. >> it is a must-win situation here at national park. >> the search continues for a colorado girl after volunteers find a body. >> after a chilly start, the sun is out. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt rney supports actually ds. more huge taeax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help
reportedly having an affair with him. not comment on the reports when she spoke with us. we will have more tonight at news.n abc 7 a new hearing date has been set shooting accused of at the family research council in downtown d.c. floyd corkins ii pleaded not guilty and was found competent to stand trial. he was expected in court today. on october 26. the remains in jail. prosecutors say they walked into the conservative lobbying group august, whereg in security guard in the arm. , he said he did like the group's politics. the supreme court is back in from a after returning three-month break. the court will consider taking marriage,ues of gay voter id laws, and abortion. the justices also are considering a case this month involves the university of texas and the use of affirmative admissions.llege in maryland, several new laws today.ing effect under eight have to sit seats unlessty least 4 foot 9 inches tall. mopeds and motor scooters will have to be titled and get a decal. employers cannot ask employees -- or applicants for usernames or passwords. convicted of a violent crime cannot own a
. >> they want the money to be used for schools, they would never applied to the bills. >> there's an ad on craigslist that raises questions about whether participants came to oppose the casino or because they thought they were getting paid. it says people would get $25 to $40 and a referral bonus if they showed up in a group of three or more. we asked the organizers whether anyone received money to be here today. >> the folks came here today because they believe in the cause. >> most of the people we spoke with said they were not getting paid. >> i don't mind anyone questioning my legitimacy. what i do mind is it was believed. >> this woman said she lives in northeast d.c. and cannot vote on the issue. you don't believe you are being paid? >> no. >> an e-mail to the group was not answered. >> d.c. council hoping voters will grant the spending of local tax dollars without budget approval. phil mendelson plans to introduce an amendment to the district of columbia charter. it has been 10 years since the d.c. sniper shootings began. john allen mohammed and lee boyd malvo terrorized the regi
showers as it approaches us in washington. increasing clouds today. showers and storms will develop around 7:00 p.m. and into the nighttime. high temperatures around 70. locally, low 70's today. warmer tomorrow with some changes on the weekend coming up. >> as we have learned, an earthquake over a year ago it can strike anywhere. a magnitude 4.0 hit main recently. this is causing a shake-up in how we prepare for them. john gonzalez has more on the great southeast shakeouts. >> there will be dozens of earthquakes around the country. a 3.5 was recorded in nebraska. if we got another 5.8 or greater in virginia, these students will be ready, as you can see. these are local students preparing for an earthquake. >> at this time, let's drop to the floor on to your hands and knees. >> how can any of us forget the 5.8 quake that struck the d.c. area last year, which caused significant damage to the washington monument? >>d.c. maryland, and virginia are taking part. >> it's a great way for people to realize even though we are not in san francisco, we can still have an earthquake. >> earthquake exper
is controlling our weather. ofre is quite a bit cloudiness and a few sprinkles of us but that is clearing morend we are seeing sunshine than anything else. the warm front will stay to our is causinghat problems at the aiort. going toom our area san francisco will be held up. 79 degrees by 6:00. we will have the latest on hurricane center in how that influence our weather later. thanks so much. ennedy cousin michael jaeckel been denied parole after he proclaimed innocence and his first hearing. convicted 10 years ago of neighbor with a golf club. that is when both of them were 15 years old. he was sentenced to 20 years to .ife is the son of ethel kennedy. there were new details on the deadly attack in benghazi. an islamic militant group was responsibility but the w calls that part conflicting reports that leftattack crustaceans and two other americans dead. -- ambassador chris stevens and two other americans dead. flying in theg has people stopping and staring. we will hear the first time the man who he evaded a multi million dollar airport security system by accident. up and here isng security s
us what you think during the debate as you are watching. we are launching an instant reaction feature on our website. go to the web site at and weigh in on it and see what other viewers are saying as well. for complete debate wrap up, abc 7 news at 0:00 tonight. >> -- at 11:00. >> today marks president obama's wedding anniversary. the first lady will be in the audience tonight in denver. they will hold a delayed anniversary celebration on saturday. the presidential campaign asking supporters designed an electronic anniversary card. >> the nationals will take on the phillies in less than an hour in the last game of the regular season. >> the season went so fast. jummy olabanji is live at nationals park with the latest. >> good afternoon. even before the gates opened, plenty of fans were waiting to come into the park so many people excited about this last game of the regular season. one of the people even more excited than the fans is part of the ownership team. what does it mean for you and the rest of the ownership team to have the nationals headed to the post-season? >> it's a dream
and d it is around the center. that will give us that intensification as the storm is over the warm gulf stream waters. how large this thing is. it goes up to the mid-atlantic and through the northeast and up .nto canada the impact so far this morning terrible andthat the metro area. coastal areas are getting and the rainfall has been heavy. we have a strong band from hagerstown down toward frederick and warrenton. we can see zero 0.5 inches per rain.f we can seek higher totals in the delmarva peninsula. dover, delaware, over four inches. about 2.5 inches in annapolis. there has been an incredible of wave action. this is a time lapse from ocean city, maryland. look at the end of that pierre. . that is about 100 feet appear that was wiped out. of pier wiped out. we see 35-mile per hour wind gusts. here is a time line -- 30-50 hour gusts are expected then 45-55 6:00 midnight and by tomorrow 50-70g, we will see the per mile power wins. ds. talk about other aspects of sandy coming up in a little bit. you can still find us online wjla.com. you could also use your mobile phone. we will be appl
. and expanding trade, cracking down on china and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we are following breaking news. >> a tree has fallen onto a truck. you can see the pictures live from the chopper. this happened about 30 minutes ago on connecticut avenue at randolph road. we're told nobody was hurt. county crews are on their way to clear the tree. connecticut avenue will be closed until the rest is cleared. you can see the damage to the truck. you can see the tree on top of another vehicle on the top part of the screen. we will have more details through the newscast. >> a man shot in a confrontation with police in silver spring has died. >> this happened after police say the man tried to force his way into a home where his girlfriend is a live-in nanny. >> montgomery county police got a call around 4:00 this morning from the gunman saying he wanted to do harm to himself and possibly others. >> the next door neighbor heard seven or a gunshot. he and his roommates hit the floor. >> i jum
to happen on monday. now officials are telling us, do not do that. leave the leaves off of the street. but did not break them to the street. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. as we all get ready for sandy we will use every platform available to keep you up-to- date. but on the air and on mine. doug hill will be in tonight at 5:00 p.m. with the latest. >> turning out to a developing story in silver spring. a man allegedly assaulted a teenage girl as she was walking to the bus stop. jummy olabanji spoke to the victim in an interview you will only see on 7. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe it was happening to me. and i couldn't move. i was scared. i was crying. >> this 16-year-old girl whose identity is concealed says the unthinkable happened around 6:45 she walked to her bus stop at the intersection of east randolph road and applebees street. >> this man came behind me and started touching my chest and my private area. and he ran away after i screamed. and my mother came outside. the suspect was gone by the time high-school student says she and her mother coul
with them. they say, let us not forget that aniyah batchelor s so young when her life was taken. did hear from the baby's mother as well as three of her grandparents. stand asking the that justice be served. crying.hem were there was a brief recess a moment ago. e said, let me remind everyone that there are no winners in this, only losers and that everyone here is grieving. the 12-year-old is facing y manslaughter charges. -- did enter an plea, which means that hindustan's the court has enough evidence against him. my colleague brad bell is in the courtroom. e get the verdict, update our viewers on air and online. >> thanks so much. and 11-year-old in maine is manslaughter charges. is the youngest faces and this person to face such in that state in three decades. the mother of the 3-year-old d her daughter was medicine and was smothered death. wassuspect's mother if little girl at the time. story fromg washington. shooting sparked by a fight woman has turned into a homicide. robert hasld named on 27ththe shooting avenue and texas avenue southeast. the suspect is a five-foot seven scenemal
. used pepper spray to subdue a 29-year-old nathan jones after he exhibited violence and erratic behavior. he lost consciousness and died at a hospital. >> in honor of fire prevention week, the consumer product safety commission is raising the danger oft home fires. estimates there are 400,000 unintentional residential fires each year that results in 2006. held at aions were testing center in rockville that showed how to deal with home fire situations. >> 50% in montgomery county of alarms that were checked or did operate correctly all.ork at this is alarming. >> fire officials say smoke alarms and escape plans are key to survival. the number one cause of home place in the kitchen. prevention week runs until october 13. league division at one gameed apiece. the nationals and the cardinals are headed to tomorrow. jummy olabanji has the story. >> the nationals and the st. in d.c.rdinals fansrow, thousands of be there.o because they announced the first be at 1:00 in the afternoon, nationals fans tell will have to watch the game at work. >> fortunately, i have a tv in office and i plan my day
left, they are both hoping to use the to move from last night forward. campaign trail today, barack obama and mitt to cash in oning their prime-time performance. who iss hard to know going to win. it is still a toss up. debate focusedd on domestic issues, voters the questions in a town hall sutton. at times the spirited debate cost feisty remarks. voter thought the was in the winner's slim margin. >> met romney offered people a very concrete vision about how experience, to grow the economy. the is why i think he won debate. incredibleit was romney had nothing but a sketchy response to everything. debate on theird tax policy and he has yet to come up with a single solitary answer. they are weighing in on the who they believe away the top dog. obama. >> i would say it is about a tie. maybe obama. >> thanks to early voting, some people already cast their ballots. tore's so one more chance e provincial hopefuls to other. monday,l debate set for the focus this time on foreign policy. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> a big response to last debate on our instant ourapp. giving 45,000 reactio
us it is perhaps on this halloween,. >> we also have to keep an eye on the radar. jacqui jeras is checking the weather conditions. >> it is a little tricky. while there are peaks of sunshine and blue skies, we have there.e showers out look at live super doppler in the belfort furniture weather center. you can see there's some rain coming down in spotsylvania .ounty it is just light rain. brief. be we will have a dry afternoon for the most part. will be theool rule, under the influence of moving through the eastern great lakes and into canada. you can see the rainfall and the s less intense and less widespread. if you are traveling today, jfk newark are open, but laguardia is closed and there are rival delays in san francisco. high temperature of 49 in chicago today. degrees for us this afternoon right now with maybe a shower. pretty good overall for the trick-or-treaters. >> even if your property goes keep ourcan still watch a team with you, -- our mobileipl app. clerk six days until the onction, things heating up the campaign trail. obama now says he will return to campaigning
>> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> today is a beautiful day for a ball game in washington, d.c. for the washington nationals this is what we were waiting for when the effort -- when the team first came here in 2008, suffering through a miserable year. it all came together and now, as we said for time, your washington national's are in the playoffs. we will talk about this in a couple of minutes, but right now we want to talk about coming down to the game today. very nice conditions, right around the corner from me. ♪ >> [unintelligible] looking up at the big american flag notice how it is blowing in little bit. -- a little bit. as we continue throughout the day, the wind is going to pick up. your hourly forecast, right now 61. [drumming] temperatures into the 60's, 70's for the high. a comfortable day. the wind is of the southwest right now. going from third base to right field, the outfield. here is a quick look at your travel forecast. minneapolis, detroit, chicago. [drumming] that is where the warm
win two years ago. the prosecution will use an of the shooting. the defense will be able to show before the beating began. updates tonight at 5:00. a man who admitted to playing a d.c.'s worst guilty today.ded nathaniel simms was part of a shooting that killed at least five people. the other suspects were yearsced to between 30 and life in prison. rain is making things tough everywhere. connecticut avenue, that flooding before sunrise. appear there is a dry weekend ahead. is here with our forecast. >> it still looks fairly gray outside for most of us, but not us.of conditions will be improving and weather for gold cup this weekend as well as lief peeping. out the great fall foliage. grayhe most part, we are except in the region the day where we have a little of clearing going on. checkout chesapeake. 70's aoday, the a mid- around downtown with a bit of humidity in the air. there is cool air around the great lakes. dallas is not so bad at 81 degrees. around the great lakes and the upper midwest including chicago and detroit. full forecast coming up. >> we talked about the commute
with the national tell us they hope have this cleaned up in the couple of weeks toyota many tourists say it is also -- many say it is also worth a long term fix. >> it would be better to look at it. is causing officials say they have done , as the entire project cost around $100,000. money well spent, according to officials.rk service >> this was not expected and it is frustrating, but we will deal it. >> and jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> the weather is not helping much. >> meteorologist steve rudin is the weather center with when expect sunshine. >> give it another couple of hours. skies will start to clear. the showers had come to an end. the showers are now to the north east, moving into new jersey. they have moved. look that temperatures. 78 reagan national airport. 77 at dulles. korean the martin county mountains. the travel forecast -- cooler in the mountains. the travel forecast -- no problems. thewest looking at some of great. changes on theg way. highs only in the upper- lower-60's. when in a fewu minutes. police have a composite who might bean responsible for five assaults on springfield
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